Strategic Plan

Reena’s 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan is based on being ready to do more. Not just any ready, but Reena Ready. Reena Ready is the standard we hold ourselves to, that we will support individuals with the best possible tools we can develop and place the value of the whole person above all else including their spiritual, cultural and/or religious needs. Reena Ready to Work will support employment training, coaching and placement. It will involve learning and training for Reena employees, volunteers and family networks. Reena Ready to Live will support a variety of housing opportunities and independent life skills. Reena Ready to Play will support community based access including volunteering, social programs and all forms of communal engagement.

Core Goals

Programs & Services

  • Expand our services to support individuals with a broad range of developmental disabilities across a larger geographic area
  • Increase the opportunity for training and competitive employment for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Diversify and enhance housing options for individuals with developmental disabilities


  • Maintain and grow positive government relations
  • Be a model of innovation and service quality
  • Increase public awareness of the services we provide

Family & Community Engagement

  • Continually promote community inclusion for all individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Guide families through the decision making process and provide them with a warm, welcoming and engaging environment
  • Enrich our volunteer experience through empowerment and recognition
  • Foster an environment rooted in Jewish culture and values, and support individuals on their spiritual journey

Sustaining Goals

Organizational Development

  • Expand our communications, administration and service delivery through technology
  • Align our organizational structure, policies and procedures to support our strategic plan
  • Nurture the meaningful role of our staff and encourage employee engagement


  • Increase philanthropic engagement and stewardship through the Reena Foundation
  • Diversify and grow our financial resources by promoting our areas of strength
  • Attract, build and retain donors through positive donor relations



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