About Reena Foundation

Reena Foundation is the fundraising arm of Reena – a non-profit social service agency dedicated to helping children, adults and senior citizens with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential and to become integrated into the mainstream of society.

Reena was established in 1973 by parents of children with developmental disabilities, as a practical alternative to institutions. Reena strives to create and maintain an environment that respects and promotes dignity, individuality, independence and freedom of choice.

In 1977, Reena began receiving funding from the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and, since that time, has grown to now provide support for close to 1,000 adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families through a variety of programs.

However, there is no government funding for Reena’s 15 Respite & Enrichment programs and that’s where Reena Foundation comes in. Reena’s Respite & Enrichment Programs offer the people Reena serves a chance to learn life skills and social skills that will allow them to achieve their maximum potential. Their caregiving family members are also given the vital respite time needed when facing the ongoing 24/7 stresses of ensuring a child with a developmental disability receives the appropriate opportunities while being kept safe and secure.

The annual cost of these 15 programs is $640,000. This money is raised through the generous donations of the community. We have to raise this money because our clients depend on us. They need Reena. They need you. Learn more about Reena’s Respite & Enrichment programs here.

Reena Foundation’s mandate is to help secure the funds needed to ensure that the people Reena serves are provided with best in programing. We also work to educate the general public so that they can better understand the needs of those with developmental disabilities. Through education we can work together to provide a community of inclusion for everyone.

There is so much you can do to help. You can donate. You can volunteer. You can participate in our many events during the year. You can help by spreading the word.


A brighter future, a more accepting world.

To inspire our communities to invest in a better quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. We invest our community’s contributions in the best care available. We believe that Reena provides just that.

Operating Principles

We EMPOWER donors to make a meaningful difference.

We EMPOWER Reena to dream, to lead and to pioneer.

We broker the relationship between these two powerful forces.

Our success is absolutely dependent on those principles that guide our daily conduct:

  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Respect