OPADD Papers/Reports

Quality of Life in the Third Age: Blueprinting Best Practices in Transition Planning
The full report discusses findings from a study of current transition plannng practices in Ontario with an outline of a blueprint for transition planning best practice.

Executive Summary
Full Report

Quality of Life in the Third Age: Blueprinting Best Practices in Transition Planning - Training Materials
The Guide to Best Practices in Transition Planning provides information for managers and staff who wish to develop and implement an effective transition planning model within a service providing organization. The accompanying PowerPoint provides an overview of the transition planning blueprint/best practice and with the Guide, can be used as a training tool.

Blueprint for Transition Planning - Guide for Managers and Front Line Staff
PowerPoint OPADD Transition Planning Blueprint

Proceedings from Symposium 2009 "Inclusion Comes of Age"
Report of Proceedings

PowerPoint Presentations of Symposium 2009 Sessions
(for names of speakers and session summaries see Report of Proceedings)

Session A 1 - Central East Committee: Supporting Partnerships
Session A 2 a - Relationship-Building: Principles for Success
Session A 2 b - Ottawa/Champlain Regional Committee
Session A 3 - Collaborative Care: Aging and Dual Diagnosis
Session A 4 - Evidence-based Practice in Aging and Dual Diagnosis
Session A 5 - Aging Population in Accommodation in Central East - Results of Survey
Session B 2 - Building Bridges in Nova Scotia
Session B 4 - Healthy Aging of Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Session B 5 - Quality of Life and Aging
Session C 1 - Wellington County Story
Session C 2 - Service Coordination in LTC Homes
Session C 3 - Seniors in Crisis
Session C 4 a - Two Models: Senior Link, Huron County
Session C 4 b - Two Models: Coleman Care Centre, Barrie
Session C 5 - Supported Empowerment
Session D 1 a - Brant: Path to OPADD
Session D 1 c - The Niagara Story
Session D 2 a - U-First! Cross Sector Training
Session D 3 a - Mary Centre/Malton Village
Session D 3 b - St Joseph's at Fleming
Session D 4 b - Walk in My Shoes Day
Session D 5 - Ageless no Boundaries

Proceedings from the OPADD Co-Chair Training Workshop - Oct. 29-31, 2006
Includes all handouts, text and/or PowerPoint of presentations, as well as notes taken during discussion sessions.

OPADD Overview
Joint Ministry Presentation
OPADD Communication Methods

Engaging the New Healthcare Planning Paradigm: OPADD and LHINs
This OPADD discussion paper was prepared to acknowledge the challenges and opportunities for accessible healthcare and to stimulate thinking about how to form a working relationship with LHINs.

Building a Future Where Aging is OK: Transition Planning Report
The report provides information on the state of current transition planning for people with a developmental disability who are aging. The document identifies best practices, tipping points, barriers and issues pertaining to transition planning and makes a number of recommendations.

"Taking the Next Steps" - Discussion Paper
An analysis of the cross sector symposium & first workshops held across Ontario from 1999-2001.