2020/2021 Provincial Budget

Reena, like many social and health service organizations, has greatly
benefited from Premier Ford’s leadership and his government’s holistic
approach to supporting vulnerable people.

The Developmental Services Sector has, in particular, benefited from
Minister Smith’s governance as he has consistently reached out to
facilitate the efforts of agencies like Reena, who provide the essential
services our communities depend upon.
Premier Ford and Minister Smith have built together numerous
opportunities for intersectoral collaboration, to the benefit of the
developmental services sector.

In March when the first outbreak of COVID-19 occurred at Reena,
Premier Ford was on the phone and ready to support us. Several other
MPPs and cabinet colleagues have also stepped forward with offers
of assistance, which included deliveries of urgently needed PPE and
support for our front-line staff.

Their warm and passionate leadership has allowed for the creation of a
more inclusive Ontario, which is essential to the wellbeing of our most
This budget is further evidence of their strong and holistic approach to
supporting the Developmental Services Sector.

Bryan Keshen, Chief Executive Officer, Reena