About Us

Reena is a non-profit organization that promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with diverse abilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values.

Reena was established in 1973 by parents of children with developmental disabilities as a practical alternative to institutions. Since that time Reena has grown to provide support for 1,000 individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Reena offers a variety of services including: residential support, respite programs, counselling, therapy and advocacy. These services are offered in over 30 Group Homes and over 60 Supported Independent Living Apartments across the Greater Toronto Area.

Reena supports people from all denominations. As a faith-based community agency, Reena understands the importance of supporting people on their spiritual journey.

Over the years, Reena has gained a reputation as a leader in innovation and as the go-to agency for quality training. Reena offers over 30 training courses to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities receive quality care.


Reena’s values are based on Judaic principles. They govern all decisions made and encompass interactions with all of our stakeholders. Reena’s values are CLEAR:

Care – Chesed Ve Tzedek – Compassion and Justice
Leadership – Tikun Olam – Repair The World
Empowerment – V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha – Value Others As You Value Yourself
Accessibility – Lifnei Iver Al Tasim Michshol – Remove Barriers
Respect – Kvod Habriyot – Honour Our Humanity