Battle Centre – Administrative Assistants

As we continue to celebrate the various departments at the Battle Centre, Reena would like to highlight the Administrative Assistants who work behind the scenes to ensure the various programs and the day-to-day responsibilities are carried on without a hitch.

Administrative assistant’s duties revolve around managing and distributing information within an office. These employees aren’t just reactive, but they respond to numerous emerging needs, and solve problems before they even occur. 

It is almost like Abhijeet M., Sandra P., Sandra A., Karen M., Melissa S., Michelle M., Grace C., Bratati D., Muskan S., Susan T., Yoyo J., and Anca T. all have special super powers.

Few of the Admin Assistants team members
(L-R)  Sandra Perlstein, Karen Marks and Michelle Freedman

A little background:

Sandra P. loves working at the Battle Centre as she enjoys meeting and helping both staff and the individuals. You may not know this about Sandra P. , but she has an unusual talent of noticing things that others do not.  Ultimately one day you may find Sandra P. skydiving in Scandinavia or swimming on a beach in Spain. Are you as jealous as we are?

Michelle was asked “What does being an Administrative Assistant mean to you?”…Here is how she responded: “It means being versatile and helpful to both of my managers, as well as to other staff members”. With such a great work outlook, we just might find Michelle working out at the gym in Europe or trying to figure out how to build her dream house on water. Michelle is so grateful for the advent of the cellphone and the various social media platforms that are available to us today. That being said, obtaining world peace is really high on Michelle’s bucket list.

Admin Assistant Melissa S. was asked “What do you think is the greatest invention of all time as it relates to your job?”… “Having a smile on my face”.  What more can be said about that?

One day we may find Melissa taking a helicopter ride in the windy city of Chicago around the Sears tower or simply hanging with her friends watching Netflix and/or being out and about shopping.

Karen M. is a long serving employee at Reena and she still enjoys coming to work every day. When not working for Reena you can catch Karen dreaming of a trip to Africa or contemplating skydiving off of the Grand Canyon.  Karen, like most of us, believes that the computer is the best office invention ever.

Karen M.

At the Learning and Development Department we came across Abhijeet Manay, the Administrative Assistant, who had a very interesting response to “What’s your best Reena moment?”

Watch his video.


Join us in saluting these amazing Administrative Assistant team. We can’t thank them enough for their unsung work and dedication.

More riveting stories to follow as Reena continues to highlight the various departments working out of the Battle Centre during “Battle Centre Month”.