Beyond 20/20 Reena’s Strategic Plan Explained

Strategic planning still seems like an obscure concept to many of us. Beyond the hype, however, strategic planning can bring real value to an organization that takes the process seriously. 

Simply put, strategic planning determines exactly where our organization is going over the next few years and how we will respond to the changing conditions to get there. A strategic plan is a coordinated effort to match vision to operations to help us develop a course and direction for Reena. 

Every five years Reena launches its Strategic Plan, like many other agencies in our sector and in the business world. The 2020-2025 strategic plan we launched in the fall of 2020 is titled: “Beyond 20/20” and has three main goals: 

  1. Driving Change To Meet Growing Needs 
  2. Leading Through Operational Excellence 
  3. Exceptional Service Standards, Exceptional Outcomes 

The plan was developed after extensive consultations with a variety of stakeholders: from our individuals and their families, staff, Board members, colleagues from the DS sector and government officials. 

To achieve our goals (Read more here) we created nine workgroups, comprised of a variety of staff members, to work collaboratively and set the path to reach our goals. 

Achieving our goals will enable us to better serve our individuals, venture into new areas of expertise, e.g. – housing and mental health, and continue to position Reena as a leader as an ardent advocate of our sector. 

Reena’s Learning and Development team put together a short video, helping to better explain the strategic plan’s impact on our individuals and our service provision. 


Please take a moment to review it


 We will continue to update you in the next months on our progress. 

Thank you 

Bryan Keshen, CEO