COVID 19 Community Resources

Guidelines and Protocols

Outbreak Prevention – The New Normal for all staff and locations – December 4th, 2020

Outbreak Management For Home in Isolation- Probable or Confirmed COVID-19 Cases – December 4th, 2020

Guidelines to Follow When a SIL Individual Shows Signs of Illness

Transporting Individuals During COVID-19 Pandemic

PPE Toronto Public Health

Face-shields Protocol

How to Wear a Mask

Resuming Visitors  – UPDATED

Returning to Reena Residences during COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED

Surgical Mask Requirements for all Group Home Locations Protocol

Supporting SIL Individuals During COVID 19 Protocol – UPDATED

Property Department Protocol Revised May 22, 2020

COVID19 Outbreak Surveillance Resource 

Cleaning and Disinfection

Goggles Cleaning and Disinfection Quick Sheet

Face-shields Protocol

Infection Control Totes- Replenish as Required

Passenger Van Sanitizing

Waste Disposal_Laundry and Household_Cleaning_Protocols

Signage and Charts

Laundry Poster – UPDATED

3 Simple Steps – One HUGE Impact – Poster

Individual Daily Temperature Monitoring Chart Revised Dec 4, 2020

Screening Charts Instructions (Dec 4, 20200

Staff and Essential Visitor Log Instructions – COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED

Staff and Essential Visitor Log COVID 19 Pandemic – UPDATED

Instructions For Conducting COVID-19 Exit Screening – June 18, 2020

SCREENING TOOL General Screening COVID 19 Revised Dec 4, 2020

COVID Exit Screening Chart

STOP Signage for entering locations April 24

Warning Signage Location in Isolation.docx

PPE Tracking Sheets

Fact Sheets and Visuals

Safety Checklist

Safety checklist – Answer Key

Handwash 11 steps poster-Ontario Public Health

CLEANING FOR COVID-19- Infographic




Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices


Resource for Individuals


Day Program Closed Social Story

Day Program is Closed


Getting Tested for COVID-19

In House Activity Guide – March 18 – 2020.docx

No Visitors to Home Social Story


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