Cultural Districts Program Discussion – Invitation to attend

The City of Toronto is moving forward with the creation of a Cultural Districts Program and Jay Pitter has been retained to lead this initiative in collaboration with City staff and Toronto residents.
A Cultural Districts Program in Toronto will allow for more flexibility and opportunity for the City to engage in economic and cultural initiatives to help communities thrive and be of benefit to neighbourhoods such as Church-Wellesley, Downtown Chinatown, Geary Avenue, and Little Jamaica, and at least one community and neighbourhood in the former cities of Etobicoke, North York or Scarborough.
Bryan Keshen , Reena’s CEO, will moderate a discussion and serve as an organizational champion for this initiative by hosting a panel conversation on April 28th from 7:30-8:30 pm.
The purpose of the panel is to bring awareness to the needs of individuals with disabilities and how they can enhance their own inclusion within the Toronto Cultural Districts Program
We would like to invite you to attend the event where we will bring several perspectives to shape the development of the Cultural Districts Program.
Panellists will speak about the life experiences of individuals in the Developmental Services space, and their own perspectives as to how the cultural district program could be enhanced.
If you are interested, please register by clicking below: