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Debbie’s Journey to Reena

Debbie is one of the Veteran Performers and assistants of the Famous People Players. In her travels with Famous People Players she has met many celebrities including Liberace, Dolly Parton and Tom Cruise.

With her younger brother, Jeff, she had grown up in a caring home, nurtured by her mom and dad. Her dad passed away in 1978 and by the time her mother died in 1987, Jeff had taken up residence in Zurich, Switzerland. While he did his best to protect Debbie from any ill-effects of her delayed development, he could only do so much from a distance. Fortunately, Debbie’s mom, had asked a generous neighbour to keep an eye on Debbie should the need arise and that neighbour, stepped up to the plate and took Debbie into her own home, overseeing her development for the next several years in a very caring way.
debbie's journey
Eventually, the neighbours health deteriorated and she had to give in and let Debbie go.

Debbie was again left without a permanent home. With help from the founder of Famous People Players, a temporary home was graciously provided by the Mary Centre.

Ultimately a tentative referral was made to Reena. Debbie’s situation and needs were quickly assessed and she was offered a chance to occupy one of Reena’s apartments.

The first visit to the apartment went well. Debbie liked it and she was even more pleased when her prospective apartment made Carol showed up. Carol was very much like one of Debbie’s best friends at Famous People Players and they seemed to hit if off from the word “go”.

Both of them were very sociable, but it seemed that if Debbie had a weakness, Carol had a compensating strength and vice versa.

With Reena’s generous assist, Debbie was able to afford her share of the apartment rent and have adequate means for other necessities. Her Reena Support Staff have been outstandingly helpful in monitoring Debbie’s orientation in her new more adult environment. She has been encouraged to be more independent and has matured in many areas – doing her own laundry, some food preparation, meeting with other adults in the building and engaging in Reena-sponsored activities.

Still working on a part-time basis with Famous People Players where she has been valued for her work ethic and has acted as one of the assistants to the founder, Debbie has found in her Reena Home a new anchor for her life. She and apartment mate Carol recently celebrated eight years together. Like any pair in these circumstances, they’ve had their moments, but overall they’ve learned the give and take which is so important in life. They know each other’s families and celebrate the high points in each others lives.

Recently Debbie had to undergo surgery – a daunting procured for anyone but a real concern for Debbies’ cousin and brother in Zurich. Her current Reena Direct Support Professional, Christine, went with her to doctors appointments, kept liaison, and after the operation, reported on the progress of her recovery.

Debbie’s Resource Supervisor at Reena, Ron, supplied invaluable input to monitor Debbie and help her obtain some post-op care.

Reena’s support and direct input have been key to all of this and more.

Debbie and her extended family are grateful to Reena for its essential role providing the back-up and thoughtful assistance, when needed, that have made the last eight years a period of development for Debbie in a secure environment.