Dementia Strategy Project

Reena, together with the NTG-Canadian Consortium have updated existing guidance documents (adaptive from the NTG-US guidance) to reflect the Canadian perspective, with the input of people with IDD, their families and other care providers. This This 16-month project, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), spans five (5) provinces B.C., Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

As recognized in Canada’s National Dementia Strategy, the primary objective of this ground-breaking project is to update and adapt existing guidance developed by the National Task Group (NTG-US) on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices, utilizing a Canadian perspective. By focusing on individuals living with dementia who also have IDD, the project aims to provide vital information to adults with IDD, their families, and community disability, health care, and senior-serving organizations/services. The goal is to enhance the provision of quality dementia-capable services and supports, ultimately improving the lives of those affected.

Reena and the NTG Canadian Consortium are honoured to jointly undertake this vital endeavour, demonstrating their shared commitment to promoting inclusivity, independence, and well-being for individuals with IDD. This partnership harnesses the collective expertise and resources of both organizations, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach to achieving the project’s objective.

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