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Since 1973, Reena has been at the forefront of inclusion, working tirelessly to lift and empower those with diverse abilities, within a framework of Jewish culture and values.

With tribute donations from people like you, we have been able to share the light and love of your family with others – through life-changing day programs, mental health support, employment support, respite care, residential services, and beyond.

To help ensure we can continue this impactful work, we ask that you consider honouring your family, and its legacy, by making a memorial donation to the Reena Foundation today.

Who We Are

Reena is a non-profit organization that promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with diverse abilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values. 

Our Mission

To raise funds to invest in a better quality of life for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and other diverse health needs.

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