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From The 905 to the Raptors 905


On Monday, December 5th the Reena Pathways and Channels groups visited the Scotiabank Arena to watch the Raptors 905 team play a basketball game against the Greensboro Swarm.

“I went to my very first Raptors 905 game and it was an absolute blast!”, said Jordyn S., who attends a lot of Raptors games. “Incredibly fantastic, thumbs up”, added Elyse C.

Karthika R, a big Raptors fan who watches the games at home, said “the game was exciting”, and Jason B. rated it 100/100.

It was a lively crowd and it was a new experience for many in the group who had not attended a Raptors game previously, like Ryan G.

Julianna S. agreed that “the basketball game was amazing. so good!”

The game also included an exciting surprise – a visit from the mascot, who said hi and took fun pictures with the group. Jonathon B. said, “I really liked it because when we went there, we took a picture with the mascot and cheered with him”.

However, the game became a little lopsided for the away team. Josh and Jason both agreed that “the Swarm kicked butt”!

The final score was 116 – 101 for the Swarm, but that never dampened the spirits of the group. They cheered on and contributed to the ruckus that was a very lively crowd for a Monday afternoon game.

Anita L., looking ahead, said “I’m so excited to go to way more Raptor games!”.

The Reena group will go to another Raptors 905 game on March 16, 2023, and a Toronto Marlies hockey game on March 17th. Stay tuned for more adventures!