Greena Videos

Perspectives Series – A Jewish Perspective on Community Farming – BAYT Congregation

Reena Community Farm – The Documentary 

The 3 Minute Trailer

A Quick Tour of the Crestwood Megafarm 

Reena Community Farm (RCF) Farm Coordinator Aki’s Virtual Logs

Episode 1 – A New Hope 

Episode 2 – The Eggplant Strikes Back  

Episode 3 – Return of the Radish 

Episode 4 – The Phantom Tomato 

Episode 5 – Attack of the Cucumbers

Episode 6 – Revenge of the Beans

Episode 7 – The Cucumber Awakens 

Episode 8 – The Last Pepper 

Episode 9 – Rise of the Stakes 

Episode 10 – Vlog 10

Episode 11 – Vlog 11

Veggie Trek – From Week 4 to Harvest

Veggie Trek I : The Motion Pepper

Veggie Trek II : The Wrath of Cucumber

Veggie Trek III : The Search for Tomato

Veggie Trek IV: The Eggplant Home

Equipment Series

How to Build a Caja Sub-Irrigated Container

The Container Cover – How to Conserve Water & Reduce Weeds

How to Stake your Plants

Refreshing Your Container After the Winter

Mulch & Woodchips

Keeping Your Plants Growing Series 

How to Water a Sub-Irrigated Plant

The Group of Seven – Plant Series 

  Radish Bean Tomato Cucumber Eggplant Pepper Green Onion
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week 6 Harvest            
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