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Holocaust Education Week 2017

November 2 – 9, 2017

Holocaust Education Week 2017

Holocaust Education Week 2017 examines the post-Holocaust period, and the specific events that have shaped our understanding of the Holocaust. These events stand out as moments of such magnitude that they have dramatically altered the way in which we conceptualise, depict and even talk about the Holocaust. They cross a multitude of disciplines such as cultural productions, cinema and film, literature, history and many others. These moments also differ from one region to another. To learn more click here.

In preparation for Holocaust Education Week, Reena Programs wanted to create something to honor the six million Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust.  In order to do so, the groups started by having an open and informative discussion about the Holocaust. We discussed many things.

To commemorate the lives lost, each participant was given a brick to decorate. The idea behind this project is that each brick would have an important message on it, and together, the bricks would link all of our voices and come together to symbolize something greater. Some of the bricks honored participant’s family members who passed away in the holocaust, while others contained vows to never forget those who were lost. Several of the bricks displayed deeply moving images of people, Jewish stars, and tears.

The groups are committed to continuing discussions of the Holocaust with friends and family, raising awareness and sharing personal stories, in the hope that these atrocities will never happen again.