Jake Completed a Successful Employment

Jake is one of the fantastic participants in Reena’s Channels program, which helps people with developmental disabilities find meaningful employment. He recently completed his first paid job as a Passover Packager at LeChaim Catering, where he learned valuable skills and had a great experience.

Reena’s job coaches, Tamara and Connor, supported Jake throughout his 3-week contract and helped him overcome any challenges. They also recognized the incredible efforts of LeChaim Catering’s owners, Tom and Amy Stopnicki, and their staff, who created an inclusive and welcoming environment for Jake. Tom is a master chef and an award-winning author, and Amy is a food blogger with a passion for cooking. They were given a certificate of appreciation for being Champions of Workplace Inclusion Reena.

Jake’s success story shows how important it is to have inclusive workplaces and job coaching supports for people with developmental disabilities. He is proud of his achievements and motivated to pursue his employment goals. We are proud of him too and thankful for our partners like LeChaim Catering who make it possible.