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Letter From Minister Helena Jaczek

Reena's Exceptional Abilities Gala

Our CEO, Bryan Keshen, received the following letter and photo from the Minister of Community and Social Service, Dr. Helena Jaczek.

It was an honour to speak at Reena’s Exceptional Abilities Gala on September 29 and to help pay tribute to your mother Sandy Keshen.

Having known Sandy for a number of years, I know the work she has done on behalf of people with developmental disabilities to ensure real inclusion for everyone is truly inspiring. It was wonderful to see how well-attended the event was and I very much enjoying having the opportunity to chat with both you and Sandy before the ceremony, as well as so many others who have been instrumental in Reena’s success over the years.

In addition, it was as a pleasure to be able to sit with so many members of the Board during the festivities. I apologize again that I couldn’t stay for the entire ceremony, but I understand that the rest if the evening was a great success.

Thank you again for asking me to be a part of this memorable event. I have enclosed a picture taken at the gala, which I am pleased to share with you.

Dr. Helena Jaczek