Make A Wish…

Reflections from program participants.
This week was our first day back for the Channels North Day Program since we closed in mid-march. Everyone was very excited to reconnect with his or her peers and staff. The world has changed. Both in terms of how we interact (we get to wear cool masks) and in the seasons.
We are now in Autumn, and as part of our Drama program with instructor Mark, we wanted to celebrate the beauty of nature around us. It is easy to look at 2020 and be sombre, there were many things that give us reason to be, but there are also many more things to cause us to smile and feel gratitude for the year that has been and still remains.
So when you walk down a street, wear your mask and social distance, but also take the time to pick a fallen leaf and appreciate the beauty of the season and if you are really bold, stand in the circle, make a wish, and it might just come true.
Jonathan – ‘I had a phenomenal day, way better than expected and I am so happy to be back.”
Ryan – “I had a good day. My favourite part was Drama with Mark.’
Jordyn – ‘I feel rejuvenated”