One Word At A Time

“These days of COVID-19 are extraordinary…we are all taking part in a universal mental health exercise.

Michele Viner, author of “A Few Words About Mental Health”.

On January 12, 2021, Reena Foundation will be hosting “One Word At A Time”, a discussion with author Michele Viner, moderated by Dr. Marla Shapiro.   

A Few Words About Mental Health is just that; a list of words written for those struggling with mental health issues, and those who love and support them. Written through the eyes of a mother, this book does not speak to the medical aspect of the journey. Instead, it was written to address the emotional side of mental health, and to inspire and encourage, One word at a time.  

Here is a video from one of our Committee members, CTV Toronto’s Ken Shaw.

The event will include a virtual art exhibition featuring the creativity of individuals supported by Reena. The inspiration for the art will be based on their favourite words from the book.  

Tickets are $25 and include a copy of the book.

For more information or to purchase tickets: