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Ontario Government Boosting Housing Supports

Reena and the Intentional Community Consortium (ICC), wish to commend Minister Ballard and the Ontario Government on their welcome initiative to boost Housing Supports for up to 6,000 families as announced earlier this week. We all recognize the need of vulnerable communities and are further pleased that Ontario is playing a leadership role in assisting Indigenous communities.

We are also most appreciative of the Province providing funding to our group of more than a dozen developmental services agencies known as the ICC to develop an inclusive, community-based housing strategy for adults with developmental disabilities. This funding is a welcome starting point that we believe will be instrumental in the creation of much-needed housing across Ontario for persons with developmental disabilities.

Looking forward, we would appreciate similar support for the over 18,000 individuals across Ontario with developmental disabilities who are currently experiencing similar needs for secure affordable housing with appropriate supports.
The ICC is guided by a vision of creating housing options in communities across Ontario while leveraging collaborative partnerships.

Reena, as lead agency of the ICC, is a non-profit organization which promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth and community inclusion for people with developmental disabilities within a framework of Jewish culture and values.

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