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OPADD Updates – Aging Report 2017 / 2018

OPADD partner Multidimensional Assessment of Providers and Systems (MAPS) has released an update on their Aging Project, which focuses on the aging population of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ontario.

The project synopsis states that MAPS’ “recent work revealed that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experience higher rates of frailty and use of aging care services at earlier ages than the general population, and that the subset aged 65+ years is increasing. As the size of the population with IDD grows, ages, and lives longer than before, it becomes increasingly important to understand their needs – and changing needs, as well as how developmental services and health care resources can best be allocated to support them in the community.
This study builds on a successful program of research related to aging and IDD in Ontario, and seeks to enhance understanding in Developmental Services by examining
evolving support needs of adults as they age. We aimed to answer three questions:
1) Does where you live matter?
2) Once frail, always frail?
3) How quickly does one become frail?”

Read the full update.