Getting Started

Welcome to Reena’s Residential and Family Supports Department. Our intake workers can assist by providing up-to-date information about how to navigate the service system for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Reena offers a range of residential and day programs; however the intake process to these programs has changed in Ontario. It is important to be aware that Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) offices have been set up in every region of Ontario to accept new applications for all Ministry of Community and Social Services funded services and supports for adults.

To review Reena’s Family Handbook – Click here.

If your family member would like to apply for government-funded residential or day services, or for Passport funding and is 16 years of age and older, please contact the DSO office in your region.

Toronto Region: Surrey Place Centre Developmental Services
(855) 372.3858
Central East Region: York Support Services Network
(855) 277.2121

The Residential and Family Supports Department is the first point of entry into our fee for service Day Programs, including Pathways and Channels Programs.

For information about Reena, the larger service system or fee for service Day Programs please contact us by clicking here.