Supported Employment

Employer Pager HeaderThrough Channels, Pathways and Summer Employment Transitions (SET) Programs, as well as the new Reena Supported Employment Services (RSES), Reena offers supported employment and vocational programs that assist youth and adults with developmental disabilities who are looking to transition from school and unemployment and join the workforce. In addition, Reena helps employers with their diversity recruitment and initiatives at no cost.

Reena supported employment services: 

Tips For Job Seekers:

  • Do not look for work alone,
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  • Be proud and loud in telling people you want to work.
  • Network. Use social media.
  • Know your own strengths. Know your weaknesses.
  • Know your accommodations.
  • Chose the right employers.
  • You can find the best places to work in Canada by clicking here.
  • Never give up. Stay Positive. Keep busy.

Tips for parents

  • Career exposure. Help your children learn about as many careers as possible. Bring them to your workplace for a day. Encourage your children to talk to as many people as possible in your network, as well as, in their network such as the teachers, school staff, and don’t forget their friends’ parents and their network.
  • Identify talents. Through part-time work while in school, participating in extra-curricular activities, joining clubs, school teams, and/or volunteering.
  • Course and program selection. High school is a great place for your child to explore, learn and investigate different career paths. Students should consider a diploma/degree in the area that best fits their interests, and strengths and that can be eventually be turned into a paycheck.
  • Support self-sufficiency. Assist your young adult child with arranging information interviews. 
  • Be flexible. It’s not always about finding that perfect career path or a job. It’s about looking for the optimal fit for the current labour market. Prepare them for a career plan and job skills that are transferable, adaptable and flexible. Focus
    on those soft skills training such as working in a team, being organized and multi-tasking so they will be ready to work in the labour market that they will be facing one day when they are adults looking for work.