What We Fundraise For

Reena Foundation raises funds for Reena including: programs and services, transportation, appliances, capital campaigns and much more. We continually and carefully review the current needs of Reena and weigh them against the future needs.  Below are a few areas of focus for our fundraising efforts.

Programs and Services

Reena Foundation raises money for programs and services which do not receive government funding. These supports offer individuals with developmental disabilities the chance to learn life and social skills, while preventing a family from going into crisis by giving them a needed break or time for other family members.

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Reena Foundation helps fund transportation needs which provide individuals with developmental disabilities an independent life. Transportation gives the means to visit with family, engage in social activities, attend medical appointments and get to places of employment. Reena has a fleet of 20+ vans. To maintain a safe fleet, Reena Foundation fundraises to replace or add a minimum of 2-3 vans per year.

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Capital Campaigns

The residential needs of the Reena Community are great. Reena Foundation runs capital campaigns to offset the cost of building and maintaining over 30 Homes and 60 Supported Independent Living Apartments across the Greater Toronto Area.


Access to new technology can enhance communication and program opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Reena Foundation raises funds for items such as IPAD’s and Tablets.

Supported Independent Living

As individuals in Supported Independent Living age there is a need to enhance staffing and specialized programming. Reena Foundation fundraises to provide evening/weekend programs that promote healthy living, as well as, provide social and emotional support.