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Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis

Reena, with several other partner agencies, plans to build housing projects modeled after the successful work at the Reena Community Residence. The goal of the project is to ensure that the right services reach the right individual at the right time.

According to the Provincial Network on Developmental Disabilities 120,000 Ontarians have a developmental disability. Waiting lists for residential supports have risen to 12,000 people in a sector that currently provides residential support to 16,000 people.

As waitlists continue to rise Reena is working to develop a long-term residential solution that offers accessible, fair and sustainable supports. This solution will redirect some of the most vulnerable in our community out of basements, hospitals, prisons and long-term care facilities back into our communities.

Each partner involved in the project will serve local needs as defined by local disabilities service partners, such as March of Dimes Canada and the Local Health Integration Network, and will involve an expanded planning process with local municipal leadership, relevant agencies and self-advocates. In each case, Reena will provide the core design and service plan with the lead agencies and work to define additional needs that can be accommodated within the facility.

Together we plan to build a safe, supportive and meaningful place for individuals with developmental disabilities to live, work and play.

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