Southlake Regional Health Centre, Mackenzie Health, and Reena collaborate to vaccinate those with developmental disabilities

Southlake Regional Health Centre, Mackenzie Health, and Reena worked together to make accommodations for those with developmental disabilities and their caregivers to get their COVID-19 vaccinations at the Ray Twinney Vaccination Centre and at Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital on April 13 and 14.

In order to create a positive experience, there were designated days for these individuals and their caregivers to come to get their vaccinations.

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“In-van vaccinations were offered to some people if necessary, volunteers were on-site to support people with behavioural needs, and they even changed the lighting and music,” says one individual who was part of this experience.

Many other changes were made including lowering lights, providing private spaces for vaccinations, playing calm music, and allowing for extra time so that there were no long lineups. This alleviates stress for everyone who came. The hospitals also brought in pediatricians to provide additional support.

This was truly a collaborative effort that provided a seamless and comfortable vaccination experience meeting the unique needs of this vulnerable population. More than 2,000 individuals received vaccinations between the two sites on these dedicated vaccination days.