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Take Action: Ensure Access to Affordable Housing

Action Alert For Affordable Housing

Unfortunately, far too many vulnerable Canadians don’t have access to safe, clean, and supported housing. For example, 90% of people with developmental disabilities live below the poverty line. I hope you agree – this needs to change.

This is why we are asking for your help today to help us address this critical housing issue.

Across the country, legislatures are returning to work for their fall session. We need your help to send them a message that there is urgent need to enact sensible policies to help alleviate the difficulties persons with disabilities face when attempting to access affordable housing. 

We need your help. Take action today and send Premiers from across the country an email asking that their governments explicitly earmark a set allocation of affordable housing funds for people with disabilities. This should include 5% of total affordable housing spending directed to support people with developmental disabilities. If you consider yourself a caring Canadian, then act now!

As we approach the harsh realities of winter, we need to take urgent action. Please take a moment to act now!