The Battle Centre – Supervisors

As we continue to celebrate the various departments at the Battle Centre, Reena would like to highlight the Supervisors who work to ensure the various programs and the day-to-day responsibilities are carried out without a hitch.

Nicole Lipsey – Respite, Community Participation and Faith, Culture & Volunteer Services Supervisor

Joanna Samuels – Employment Resource Supervisor for Day Services & Workshop

Rob Scott – Direct Support Supervisor for Day Services, Job Coaches, SET, Trillium Grant

Dustin Stroll –  Direct Support Supervisor for “Outreach, Pathways and Channels South

L-R: Rob Scott, Marcia Cole, Dustin Stroll

Marcia Cole is a long standing member of the Reena family. For Marcia being a supervisor means an opportunity to be a part of a bigger picture and to watch people grow and help them meet their goals. Such an outlook contributes to a successful organization. Marcia is always willing and able to lend a helping hand. – A true leader!

What is your best Reena moment?

There are a few….I absolutely love it when the team creates opportunities for the individuals Reena supports, allowing the individuals to shine. Everyday I learn something new about themselves. At our first ever “Celebrate You” an individual, who appeared extremely timid, danced down the aisle, I nearly “lost” it. Then there was a moment when two staff were whispering and gathering around an individual with complex behaviors, an individual who routinely verbalizes threats and indecent proposals. I thought they were discretely trying to redirect this individual, but it turned out my team was merely getting the individual ready for his first solo debut as a singer. I didn’t see that coming. I loved it.

At the Reena Olympics watching individuals running a race with or without support was heartwarming. Watching the whole team come together including the Supervisors to hand out awards etc. was also a special moment.

What do you like to do outside of work?

“You can find me dreaming about purchasing a new truck or planning a getaway to Barbados as I do love to travel”.

I could never go anywhere without my cellphone. At the end of the day my dream would be to have a ranch style bungalow with a courtyard in the middle where you would find me jamming with my boys.


Dustin has been with Reena over 6 years and has seen Reena grow into the company that it is now. Dustin has had a significant role in contributing to such a successful organization. Dustin is always a willing participant with a pleasant demeanor. “The opportunity as a supervisor to make a positive impact on the lives of the individuals Reena supports, by ensuring the individuals have a fun and meaningful programs to attend, makes my job not feel like a job”.

What do you like to do outside of work?

You can find me watching The Shawshank Redemption and I am an avid sports fan particularly baseball and football with attending a Superbowl game high on my bucket list. I also would like to travel more enjoying the local cuisines. One day I would love to travel to Disney world and take in more concerts of my favorite artists.

What do you do outside of Reena, Rob?

You would find me watching my favorite movie Citizen Kane or trying a new artisan crafts: I would like to learn the art of glass blowing. Spending time with family and friends are high on my priority list as well as devising a way to travel to Angkor Wat Cambodia or the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg.

Can all of Reena come?

Top of the bucket list for Rob would be to engage in exploring space tourism with Space X. Closer to home Rob would settle for a canoe trip and a house full of kids and grandchildren”.

Can you tell us where your inspiration comes from?

Mentoring staff on day-to-day operations as well as being the conduit for staff embracing the daily changes of new program direction!

Nicole Lipsey is a longstanding Reena employee and is very passionate about her work. Being a supervisor means working within a team to provide leadership and guidance to the team, in order to create the best environment for all staff and individuals.

What would you like to share about yourself?

When I’m not supervising at the Battle Centre you could catch me watching my favorite movie , The Usual Suspects, or playing Hungry Hippo with my husband and kids. After being victorious I could easily imagine myself taking a long first class flight anywhere in South America (preferably the Rainforest) allowing me to lay down and be fed Green Curry with coconut rice.

Joanna Samuels the Employment Resource Supervisor is relatively new to Reena and has leapt in with both feet, Joanna is very passionate about her work, the individuals and the organization.

Being a supervisor of the Employment Resource means opening up a whole new world of opportunities: to have a greater impact at Reena and in the community, to make a difference to improve the quality of life of our individuals with DD/ID/ASD at Reena and in the community.

What would you like to share about yourself?

When I’m not advocating for the individuals, I can imagine myself swimming in a lake in Zurich, Switzerland. After the swim and watching my favorite movie, “Annie”, I would welcome the simple life: where houses self-clean, the fridge is self-stocked, and the kids inside the house would be super well behaved and tidy.

See why Joanna loves working for Reena – Click HERE.

What would you like to share about yourself?

When I am not advocating for the individuals, you would probably catch me watching a movie marathon of: Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, Harry Meets Sally, Princess Bride, and/or A Fish Called Wanda. I will take the time out to watch my new favorite tennis star Bianca Andreescou destroy her competition.  I also think any water sport is great but the absolute coolest hobby out there is swimming with the shark. Oh really?

Travelling to an African Safari is hopefully my next trip so I can cross this trip off of my bucket list.  But ultimately my dream home would be a condo in Toronto or Israel.

Before we let you go , we have one last question….What is your most unusual talent? “Stand-up comedy. “

You don’t say!!!!

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