A Vision For The Future

Aging With A Developmental DisabilityThe Ontario Partnership’s Vision for the Future is one where every person with a developmental disability has the same rights to support and services as all older Ontarians. This vision is based on the value of each human as a unique individual and the belief that quality of life must be available to all of us regardless of age.

The partnership sees communities across Ontario where persons with a developmental disability are supported to plan for all aspects of their older adulthood. Each person’s unique life situation, preferences and capabilities are the starting point for such planning. Service providers, support circles and families are aware of the range of opportunities, resources and services available and appropriate for older adults. Moreover these services and resources are fully accessible and accepting of the older adult with a developmental disability. This includes civic organizations, worship communities, voluntary organizations, government offices, various service providers and the health care system.

The Vision for the Future is one where service providers, policy makers, funders and communities work together responsibly in the interests of the aging person and his/her family. Working relationships are collegial and effective. It is a Vision where service to the client takes precedence over professional differences, bureaucracy and other factors that tend to fragment the system. Service providers are willing to innovate. Government legislation and regulation is flexible to permit the testing of new cross sector methods and models. Funding bodies encourage new strategies of service delivery to meet the complex and intertwining needs of older adults with a developmental disability. The system of supports adapts itself to planning that is individualized for each person and inclusive of his / her family.

In the Vision for the Future, comprehensive strategic planning not only crosses boundaries among agencies but between the sectors. New knowledge informs direction-setting. The person with a developmental disability lives a life that continues to be enriching and valued into old age.