Goals, Objectives & Achievements


  • Uphold and improve quality of life for older adults with a developmental disability.
  • Strengthen service system functioning and planning capacity to support adults with a developmental disability as they age.
  • Create and maintain a body of knowledge about best practices.
  • Build and maintain an open cross sector dialogue that includes service providers, planners, educators, researchers and legislators.


  • Support development of cross sector dialogue, learning and planning capacity through the establishment and functioning of regional committees.
  • Identify and test new models of support through local cross sector pilot projects.
  • Ensure the needs of older adults with a developmental disability are an integral and recognized part of the planning agenda through collaborative work with planning bodies.
  • Uphold the continuing evolution of the public policy agenda to reflect the needs of older adults with a developmental disability through cross sector dialogue and consultation with legislators.
  • Strengthen the capacity for research on aging and developmental disabilities through applied research projects and through dialogue with research bodies and educational institutions.
  • Build system capacity to meet the emerging needs of older adults with a developmental disability through dissemination of information, knowledge and resources.


  • Development of Regional Committees on Aging and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Funding and planning support to regional workshops across Ontario.
  • Consultation and support to local cross sector projects.
  • Consultation with government on emerging issues related to aging and developmental disabilities:
    • Transition planning
    • Cross sector training
    • Access to services for seniors
    • Best practices
  • Development of a train the trainer model for delivery of the U-First! training curriculum to cross sector audiences of long term care and developmental services caregivers.
  • Publication and distribution of resources for planners and caregivers.