Caregiver Support

Below are links to information dedicated to the family, friends and paid caregivers who support older adults with a developmental disability.

Quality of Life
Transition Planning
The Dynamic of Denial
Aging with Developmental Disabilities
Aging Issues
The Aging of Family Caregivers
Services & Programs for Older Adults
Philosophy & History of Long Term Care
Philosophy & History of Developmental Services

Articles on Aging & Developmental Disabilities
Aging and Intellectual Disabilities
Canadian Study of Health and Aging
Dementia and Intellectual Disabilities

Principles & Declarations
The Montreal Declaration on Intellectual Disabilities
This declaration affirms citizenship of people with intellectual disabilities and was adopted at the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Conference in Montreal on October 6, 2004.

The Edinburgh Principles
These principles and guidelines were developed by the Edinburgh Group on Dementia Care Practices at a special meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, February 5-7 2000.


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