Posting Regional Pages

Aging With A Developmental Disability

OPADD regional committees on aging and developmental disabilities may submit, for posting to the opadd website:

  • Photos
  • Reports
  • Event announcements
  • Updates
  • Workshop proceedings
  • Descriptions of cross sector processes and projects
  • Policies
  • Protocols
  • Future plans
  • Other relevant material

Submissions should pertain to cross sector activity on aging and developmental disabilities or related topics.

Regional pages are provided to regional committees to promote information-sharing and knowledge diffusion. Submissions are subject to the terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the Regional Pages Section is provided for use only by OPADD regional committees on aging and developmental disabilities.

Regional Pages provide a means for knowledge diffusion related to aging and developmental disabilities among care-givers, planners, researchers, academics, students, legislators and other interested parties.

The OPADD web site makes space available to regional committees to provide them with a means for disseminating information about their work among committee members and other interested parties within the region as well as across Ontario and into other jurisdictions.

The terms and conditions governing use of the Regional Pages include:

1.  Written information shall be prepared and submitted in a typed and electronic format using word software.

2.  Photographs shall be submitted in electronic format as a jpeg file.

3.  All submissions provided to OPADD for posting to the website shall pertain to aging and developmental disabilities and related topics.

4.  The regional committee may appoint one of its members to provide a communication link for the purposes of submitting and updating information to the OPADD website.

5.  The regional committee shall ensure that material submitted to the OPADD website is current, accurate, appropriate and relevant to the purposes of the OPADD website.

6.  Partners who submits material for posting to the OPADD website shall not disguise the origin of information which they submit and shall not submit false or misleading information.

7.  Submissions of material to OPADD shall be reviewed and edited as required prior to being posted to the website.

8.  Written submissions that have been edited shall be provided to the Regional Committee for review and approval prior to being posted to the website.

9.  Every effort shall be made to ensure timely review and posting of submissions to the web site; however OPADD makes no guarantees pertaining to the posting of any information to the website.

10.  Regional Committees shall ensure that information is updated at regular intervals; Regional Committees may be provided with reminder notices to review and update material or to confirm the continuing relevance and accuracy of material; such reminders shall provide the Regional Committee with at least 30 days notice; failure of a regional Committee to respond to any notice within the timeframe stated in the notice, may result in the  material being removed from the OPADD website.  

11.  OPADD reserves the right to change the amount of space allocated to the Regional Pages  and/or to remove any content without notice or without cause as may be required in the management of the website.