Calendar Year 2005

December 2005
A number of OPADD partners across Ontario have been successful in their requests for funding. Some of the projects supported by the Ministry of Community and Social Services Innovation Fund include:

  • Support to the development of a cross sector process in the Toronto
  • Citizenship: Aging and Developmental Disability in Hamilton/Niagara/Halton/Peel
  • Establishment of eight focus groups across Central East to identify cross sector
  • Access to Li-First! training by developmental service providers through a train the trainer model. Sessions will include both long term care and developmental services
  • Development of a guide in CD ROM format to support access by older adults with developmental disabilities to seniors day programs and

The Southeast Region has received funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to support their two day workshop. A major component of the event will be development of strategy to establish a cross sector regional planning process.

Sudbury Developmental Services has agreed to become the lead organization in the Northeast to establish a cross sector partnership. The Sudbury agency had already completed a strategic planning exercise to respond to the aging population they support. Their strategy included delivery of a workshop in the north and development of a proposal to support older adults with developmental disabilities. They will be broadening their workshop planning committee to encompass representation from both sectors.

A number of regions have established dates for their workshops:

  • Northwest – March 30 and 31 2006
  • Southeast – February or March 2006
  • Ottawa/Champlain – May 16 2006
  • Central East – September 2006
  • Northeast – September 28 and 29 2006

Interviews with those involved in previous successful workshops will appear in the January edition of the OPADD Letter. Tips on successful workshop planning will be featured.

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November 2005
Denis McLelland, representative of Ontario Agencies Supporting People with Special Needs (OASIS) announced at the October 14 OPADD meeting that OASIS had approved up to $4000.00 to help with costs of regional workshops.  This funding will complement the existing dollars available through the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant.  OASIS is a member of OPADD and of the ADD Project Collaborative.  Details of how the funds will be distributed has not yet been finalised.

OPADD partners submitted a number of proposals to the Innovation Fund announced by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  These proposals all seek to further develop cross sector capacity related to aging and developmental disabilities.  Fiscal funding has been requested to support access by older adults with developmental disabilities to seniors day programs and centres.  Other proposals are for funding to support the development of cross sector regional processes in the Toronto Region, the Central East Region and Hamilton/Niagara/Halton/Peel.   A proposal to support access to U-First! training through a train the trainer model has also been submitted.

The Transition Report was approved by OPADD at its meeting of October 14.  OPADD considered implementation strategies during its review of the report’s 14 recommendations to ensure the direction from the report is translated into specific action.  Details of the approvals will be available from the OPADD minutes.  A work plan will be developed to maintain focus on progress and next steps as implementation proceeds.

Conferences to which OPADD is currently developing proposals include:

  • Community Living Ontario (CLO) – Spring 2006
  • International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID) – April 26 to 29 2006
  • Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC) – June 4 to 6 2006
  • Ontario Gerontology Association (OGA) – April 26 to 27 2006
  • Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) – April 9 to 11 2006

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October 2005
Hamilton / Peel / Brant / Halton / Niagara Regional Workshop a Success
The Hamilton / Peel / Brant / Halton / Niagara Regional Workshop Committee hosted the first aging and developmental disabilities workshop for their region on September 21 2005.  The day long event included speakers on aging and developmental disabilities and a working session to identify leaders who will form a cross sector aging and developmental disabilities planning committee.  More news in the OPADD newlsetter available later this month.

Transition Report Recommendations to Be Considered by OPADD
The Transition Report and its eleven recommendations will be considered by OPADD at its meeting of October 14.  The report provides a number of findings about transition planning practices across the province and makes recommendations to build transition planning capacity.  For more information about Transition Planning see The Transition Guide developed by the OPADD Transition Task Group, which is now available online at

OPADD to Present at Canadian Association on Gerontology Conference
OPADD has been invited to present at the CAG Conference in Halifax October 21.  Margaret Ringland OPADD Co-Chair, James Sejjengo Co-Chair of the Transition Task Group, Shehehaz Manji, member of OPADD  and the Transition Task Group and Ron Coristine, Project Manager will be presenting on the work of the partnership and transition planning practices.

Tips for Workshop Organizers
The OPADD newsletter will be running a series of interviews in upcoming issues featuring organizers of previous aging and developmental disabilities workshops.  The interviews will be asking experienced workshop planners to share their secrets for success.

Law Commission of Canada Paper “Beyond Conjugality”
The Commission has prepared a Discussion Paper on close personal relationships between adults.  The focus of this paper is on interdependent relationships between adults who now share, or who have previously shared, a household.  This and related papers dealing with relationships involving support may have implications for service providers working with older adults and can be viewed at

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September 2005
Transition Guide Now Online
The Transition Guide developed by the OPADD Transition Task Group is now available online at Go to the home page and click on the link to the right of the screen.  The guide contains information to help caregivers plan with the person who is aging with a developmental disability.  Developing a personal history, health care issues, substitute decision-making, finances and principles for transition planning are some of the topics covered.

Workshop Discussion Paper Released to Regions
A synthesis of participant discussions which took place at the Toronto Symposium of 1999 and the regional workshops held in London, Orillia, Thunder Bay and Kingston has been prepared for distribution to the regions.  The paper summarizes key ideas developed during the previous round of workshops on aging and developmental disabilities.  It also presents summaries of presentations given by Dr. Tamar Heller and Dr. Matthew Janicki at the Toronto Symposium.  The paper is being made available to all of the regions as a pre-workshop handout.  It will help to remind us of what we already know and stimulate our thinking for the future.

Accountability and the Annual Report to the Ontario Trillium Foundation
The annual report to the Ontario Trillium Foundation is now being prepared.  Regions have been asked to provide feedback for the report – on their progress in developing a plan for a regional cross sector workshop and sustained planning process. 

OPADD Letter to be Published this Month
Submissions to the OPADD letter have been invited.  Deadline is September 14.  Send you article to

Phase 3 of OPADD Website
Work will be initiated this fall to add an interactive capacity to the OPADD website.  Completion is expected to be the end of December 2005.

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August 2005                      
New Partners at the OPADD Table
OPADD continues to invite key players in the area of aging and developmental disabilities to join the partnership table.  The expertise and perspective brought by each of the partners broadens our collective capacity to understand and respond to the aging of people with developmental disabilities in ways that support quality of life.  New partners who will be in attendance at the fall meeting of OPADD include:

  • The Ontario Seniors Secretariat represented by Elizabeth Esteves, Manager, Policy Initiatives.
  • Regional Geriatric Programs represented by Dr. Michael Borrie, Chair, Regional Geriatric Program.

Toronto Region Aging and Developmental Disabilities Committee Gets Underway
Toronto Region is holding its first meeting on August 4th.  Co-Chairs of the Toronto group are Dr. Nehama Baum, Executive Director, Muki Baum Centre and Cindy Stephens, Director of Nursing, Cummer Lodge. 

Transition Guide To Be Online This Month
Feedback has been received and amendments are being made to the Transition Guide developed by OPADD’s Transition Task Group.  The Guide will be available on line later this month.

OPADD Proposals to Speak at Fall Conferences Accepted

OPADD proposals to present at two fall conferences have been confirmed:

  • Canadian Association on Gerontology (Oct 20 – 23 2005); co-presenters include    Margaret Ringland, Ron Coristine, Shehenaz Manji and James Sejjengo.
  • Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario (Oct 23 – 25 2005); co-presenters to be determined.

 Workshop Discussion Paper to be Released Later this Month
A synthesis of participant discussions which took place at the Toronto Symposium of 1999 and the regional workshops held in London, Orillia, Thunder Bay and Kingston is now being prepared.  The paper will serve to summarize key ideas developed during the previous round of workshops on aging and developmental disabilities.  It will also include recaps of presentations given by Dr. Tamar Heller and Dr. Matthew Janicki at the Toronto Symposium.  The paper will be made available to all of the regions as a pre-workshop handout.  It will help to remind us of what we already know and stimulate our thinking for the future.

Distribution:       OPADD & Regional Chairs / Co-Chairs

June 2005
Regional Planning Groups Get Going
Eight regional groups are now developing or in place across Ontario.  The regions will provide the impetus to sustained cross sector work through their workshops and ongoing planning processes.  A “Listserv” has been established to allow regional Co-chairs to communicate with one another and to facilitate communication between provincial project staff and regions. 

Hamilton Brant Niagara Halton Peel Region – First Region to Schedule a Workshop
Congratulations to Hamilton Brant Niagara Halton Peel!  Their workshop is scheduled for September 21 2005 at Carmen’s Banquet Centre in Hamilton. 

Transition Guide Out for Testing
The draft Guide developed by the Transition Task Group is now being tested and reviewed.  Central East will be distributing the draft guide at their June Workshop on Transition Planning and asking for feedback.  Copies have also been distributed to other interested individuals.  Feedback will be collected during the first half of June and then the Guide will be finalized for general distribution.  It will also be available on the OPADD website for download.

OPADD to be Part of Festival of Conferences – Toronto 2007
Project staff will be participating on the program committee for the aging with a disability stream.  For more information on the Festival of Conferences see the breaking news section on the OPADD web site home page and follow the links.

OPADD Proposals to Speak at Fall Conferences
Proposals have been submitted to present at:

  • Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario (Oct 23 – 25 2005).
  • Canadian Association on Gerontology (Oct 20 – 23 2005).

Help OPADD With Conference Presentations
Please let Ron know at if:

  • You are aware of a future conference where a presentation on aging and developmental disabilities would be of value
  • You have an interest in co-presenting at a conference
  • You know of an innovative cross sector project that should be telling its story

April 2005
The Collaborative has reviewed submissions from regional groups interested in hosting workshops in 2005 and 2006.  All groups have been advised and hosting regions will be receiving more detailed information to help them with their planning and to ensure OPADD goals for ongoing cross sector planning processes are met.  Project staff will meet with regional groups to ensure expectations are clear and to offer help during the planning process.  Workshops will act as a catalyst to the formation and strengthening of cross sector dialogue, regional planning processes and local projects.

The eight regions, which encompass the entire province are:

  1. Northwest
  2. Northeast
  3. Southwest
  4. Hamilton/Niagara/Halton/Peel
  5. Toronto
  6. Central East
  7. Southeast (Kingston and region)
  8. Ottawa/Champlain

The Transition Planning Task Group will be reviewing the draft of its final report in April.  The report covers findings from the Transition Survey, a review of literature and the views of practitioners.  Analysis and reporting on the material will provide a picture of our current knowledge about transition planning and provide direction for the future.  The report is due to be tabled with OPADD at the May 20 meeting.  Preliminary findings suggest that the aging boom is already here as 49% of adults served by developmental service providers are over 40 years of age and 24% are over 50.  Best practices and tipping points will also feature highly in the report.  The Task Group expects to make a number of recommendations to OPADD based on its findings.

Project staff have received training in software that will allow website changes and updates to be made on a regular basis.  Several minor changes were made on March 31st.  New information will be added on an ongoing basis and a breaking news section will allow posting of latest developments as they occur.

March 2005
Expressions of interest in hosting regional cross sector workshops have been arriving at the OPADD Project Office.  All letters of interest will be assessed and sites will be selected this month.

The second phase of the OPADD Website is up and running.  The expanded site includes new material on aging and developmental disabilities, caregiver support, cross sector partnerships, news and resources.  There are many new links to provincial, national and international sites of interest.  Plan your visit soon to

OPADD will be making presentations at these conferences this spring:

  • March 10 – OANHSS: Re-Shaping Support Capacities for Seniors with Developmental Disabilities
  • April 8 – OADD: Partnering for the 21st Century: Success Stories – Past Present and Future
  • April 9 – OGA: Aging with Developmental Disabilities: Cross Sector Partnering
  • May 5 – OASIS: Issues in Aging and Developmental Disabilities

The Middlesex Providers Alliance, consisting of representatives from service providers and planning bodies in aging and developmental disabilities recently discussed their role as a cross sector planning group for Middlesex County. 

The partnership has published and distributed two handbooks across Huron County :Aging Just Like Everyone Else – Handbook for Families and Caregivers
New Challenges – Handbook for Managers and Planners

Both are available in pdf format at the OPADD web site