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Our Trip to Camp Wahanowin

On our way to Camp WahanawinWe had a very busy summer at Camp Reena this year and one of the highlights was an overnight trip to Camp Wahanowin. Here is a recap from our Outreach Staff Team about this amazing excursion.

Arriving at Camp Wahanowin, we were greeted with the friendly faces of campers and staff. Wahanowin staff had Reena campers introduce themselves in a circle, making us feel extremely welcomed and excited for the rest of our stay. Reena campers participated in arts and crafts, as well as, swim activities guided by the Leadership in Training Program (LTPs). Both Wahanowin campers and staff were very interested in getting to know us all on a personal level. At lunch time in the dining hall, Reena was introduced to the entire camp and several LTPs joined our tables. Some assisted by bringing food, accommodating various dietary needs and adding to the inclusive atmosphere. In order to make it easily accessible for Reena campers, ramps were placed in front of cabins, the dining hall and washrooms. In addition, the cabins we occupied were located close to the main buildings and to the lake, making it easier to get around.

During the overnight, Camp Wahanowin created activities specific for Reena, such as a beach party, late night tubing and a bonfire. The whole camp participated in the beach party and everyone had an absolute blast! LTPs would visit our cabins throughout the day to see if they could join in any of the activities, which made Reena campers feel like part of the camp community. We were taken on a sailing lesson and both campers and staff got their level one boating certifications along with bracelets to show their accomplishment. Before leaving, Wahanowin campers came to our cabins to say goodbye.

The Reena campers that stayed overnight expressed that they had an experience of a lifetime and did not want to leave; some made new friends in such a short time. It was clear that a lot of effort and thought was put into our visit, which was very much appreciated by both campers and staff. Overall, it was a wonderful experience enjoyed by all and one that will hopefully be repeated.

A big thank you to everyone at Camp Wahanowin!