Virtual Programs

Reena currently offers a variety of daily Zoom programs that appeal to a wide variety of interests.

These programs are currently being offered in place of our regular in-person programs as a means to continued social, recreational and skills-building opportunities during Covid closures.

The Zoom programs correspond to our regular in-person offerings in our Channels, Pathways & Battle Centre programs.

The programs are offered in three sessions per day, whereby participants can log on as many times per day as they choose.

Some features of our day program activities include:

Fitness with Nick is a way to get up and get your heart rate pumping. The class is led by a certified coach from the Schwartz Reisman Jewish community center. It focuses on stretching and building one’s endurance.

Yoga with Orly is a great way to center your body mind and spirit. The participants have been learning different breathing and stretching techniques to reduce their stress and clear their minds.

Morning Coffee Club is a chance for individuals to interact and connect with their peers during the pandemic. Many of our participants have expressed this is their only way to feel a part of the community. The group explores current events, as well as focuses on different icons legends and stars.

The Channels Weekly Travel series allows us to travel the world from the safety of our own homes. This session focuses on different parts of the world, their cultures, traditions and landmarks.

Music with Pat allows our participants to get creative, Pat is a professional musician, his classes focus on rhythm and songwriting.

Positive Mental Health workshops are given weekly as well to allow individuals to express how they are feeling and dealing with the stresses of isolation and changes in our world. Currently, the staff are working through the CAMH bounce back program.

Mixed in with our weekly programs are special events, such as Officer Vince from the York Regional police, magic shows, virtual dance parties, and Science experiments.

We also offer Virtual Outreach Programs on evenings and weekends. Please click here for further information.

For more information, contact our social work  department