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We’ve Moved In!

Our newest homeOn September 13, 2017 we finally moved into our newest home in Richmond Hill custom build for individuals with more complex needs.

While the six new residents were at school and program our staff teams setup the home; moving belongings, setting up furniture, filling the kitchen with food and making sure everything was just right for the arrival of the homes first occupants. After months of planning and preparing our staff teams were excited that moving day was finally here and took great care to ensure that no detail was overlooked. The individuals were brought back from programs and school straight to their new home.

We are pleased to report that the transition was smooth. As with any move, there was a bit of learning to navigate the new environment, but for the most part everyone is settling in as expected. Our staff teams are seeing the benefit of individualized spaces for complex needs. We are eager to welcome the families for their first visit!

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to everyone that contributed to this project especially; the families, our new neighbors, funders, staff teams, contractors and architects.

Quick Facts About The Home

  • Opened June 23, 2017 in Richmond Hill
  • Custom built for more complex individuals supported by Reena
  • The home includes features such as:
    • Built-in furniture
    • Inset lighting
    • Specialized walls and windows designed to limit injuries
  • Demonstrates the advantages of creating purpose-built housing for specialized needs, as opposed to purchasing and retrofitting existing structures
  • The Ministry of Community and Social Services is providing ongoing annualized operational funding
  • The amount will be determined by the individual support needs of those living in the home
  • What we need now is an investment from our community for the development of the home