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What Reena Means To Me

Leo Baeck Family Bingo Night

On February 18, 2016 Leo Baeck Day School ran a Bingo Night in support of Reena Foundation, where board games and art supplies were collected. We would like to thank everyone who donated an item and Leo Baeck for coordinating the evening.

The Lead Librarian at the school is a Reena Family Member who was invited to call out numbers with her brother, where she shared a few words about what Reena means to them.

“Reena was fundamental in a few things for my brother and our family: it provided my parents with a community of support, it provided Norman with a community of like minded individuals. But most importantly, it gave him the independent life skills that he needed to become a part of the broader community and the world. The fact that he learned to take the bus, bank, shop and live independently also allowed him to contribute positively to society. Reena changed all of our lives. When Norman was born in 1962, the doctor told my parents that he would not live past 30. He is now 53!”

To thank Leo Baeck for running the Bingo Night, Reena Foundation presented the Parents Association with artwork made by an individual supported by Reena.