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Why Wait: An Update of the York Region Demonstration Project Housing Models

Mon, 11 June 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Reena Toby & Henry Battle Developmental Centre
927 Clark Avenue West, Thornhill ON

The Why Wait Demonstration project provided an opportunity for seven York Region individuals and their families to develop creative housing models in their own communities. Although each model was unique and based on the individuals residential Vision, the models also had several things in common:

  • 1) Each model had funding to hire a Facilitator to support the implemention of their models, their networks of support and their individualized goals.
  • 2) Each model was provided with education and funds to create a Microboard, to support the sustainability of the model.
  • 3) Each model had funding to hire staff to provide daily support.This evening is about sharing the journey of all seven families. The panel discussion will include the seven families and Brendon Pooran (lawyer that developed the Microboards). It is meant to inspire other families through story telling and the sharing of highlights, opportunities and achievements.

Partner agencies that supported this initiative included Montage Support Services and York Support Services Network. Montage provided trained staff and coordination to those families interested in the purchase of agency staff and YSSN provided the brokerage of MCSS funds.

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