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We Want to Hear From You (Again)

Reena provides supports and services, including day program and outreach programs, to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our aim is to support individuals based on their interests, abilities and strengths.

Over the last three months, we have sought feedback from various stakeholders including staff, volunteers, individuals/families and community partners. We were specifically focusing this review on program content, locations, times, structure and cost.

Our goal was to gain feedback to ensure that our programs are meeting your needs and remain cost effective. We heard from many and have a developed a framework for the development of future day options.

We want to make sure we got it right! Please read through this document and provide us additional feedback to support your future programs. Please provide your feedback by December 23rd , 2017 contact Kelly Casey, KC Professional Solutions at (289) 221.9665 or

What we heard from participants and their families:

  • Most people seeking new programs were interested in weekend programs, followed by additional day options and “after hours” options.
  • The top two (2) types of program most people were seeking are Social Recreational programs (83%), which were defined as: relationships, social skills, community outings, etc.; and life skills and independence skills (83%) defined as: finance, grocery shopping, travel training and household skills (laundry, cooking, etc.).
  • Over 52% of respondents were interested in programs focusing on employment or volunteerism. Half of the respondents were interested in a program that allowed them to make their own schedule, based on goals and interests.
  • Forty percent (40%) of the respondents indicated a preference for community-­‐ based programs, while another forty percent (40%) preferred a combination of community and Centre Based options.
  • Staff knowledge, cost and location were the most important variables when choosing a program.
  • Parents felt developing a “Social Enterprise” would assist individuals in acquiring job readiness skills while providing fare-­‐wage employment.

And the staff/volunteers felt the individuals want programs that:

  • Provide access to more community-­‐based options, outings, and “weekends away”.
  • Would allow individuals the opportunity to make and keep friends.
  • Were “choice driven” programs, that provide the opportunity to pursue interests and specific goals.
  • Individuals want paid employment or ongoing volunteerism, even if they require on-­‐going staff support.

**The development of a social enterprise is addressed in the report, as it is a separate opportunity that Reena may wish to explore through various government initiatives.