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What Reena Means To Me

Below is a letter we recently received from a parent whose son is supported by Reena.

This past year, you took in our son and gave him a home. You took him in when nobody else cared. From the age of a small child, he was picked on, taunted, humiliated and some times, physically abused. Employers often took advantage of him, promised him a future and then discarded him without notice and some times, withholding his pay. He looks like a normal guy however; he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. His life has been a constant struggle trying to find a place where he could fit in.

His dream world and reality kept getting mixed up and would surface as his tormented and lonely soul would cry out for some kind of acceptance. Eventually, after various times spent in men’s shelters, he left home. The only affordable accommodation was a dingy basement room in a cheap rooming house. A friendless and lonely existence.

The sun shone into all of our lives the day that he was invited to participate in an interview with the good people of Reena. His life has completely changed. You gave our son his life. You gave him friends as well as a community that accepts him without reservation. You have changed the lives of our family and no token of gratitude would be sufficient to compensate for what you have done. For many people, the world is a lonely and difficult struggle, but God has provided for a few of them by placing people such as The Reena Foundation to work his miracles on the streets of Canada’s busiest city. Long may you continue. Your work is so necessary and vitally important.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.
– Reena Family Member